Croxson Lab

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Systems

Investigating the networks of brain regions that govern different kinds of memory

Research by using magnetic resonance imaging

Memory is the result of groups of brain regions working together


paula croxsonWe investigate the networks of brain regions that govern different kinds of memory. We know that memory is not localized to single brain regions, but instead is the result of groups of brain regions working together. To do this we examine the effect of changes to specific regions of the brain on the whole network, and correlate these network changes with behavior. We also work on the role of neurochemicals, such as acetylcholine, in memory. We accomplish this research by using magnetic resonance imaging in animal models, to look at changes in structure, function and connections – and by combining it with behavioral assessments.

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Croxson Laboratory
Paula Croxson, PhD
Professor, Neuroscience
Professor, Psychiatry
HESS 10-113



kumar 2016Kumar V, Croxson PL, Simonyan K (2016) Structural Organization of the Laryngeal Motor Cortical Network and Its Implication for Evolution of Speech Production. J Neurosci 36: 4170-4181

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Croxson PL, Browning PGF, Gaffan D, Baxter MG (2012) Acetylcholine facilitates recovery of episodic memory after brain damage. J Neurosci 32: 13787-13795

Meet the Team

Jamie Nagy

Jamie Nagy

Research Associate

Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Joseph Simon IV

Joseph Simon IV

PREP Student

Sumaiya Isla

Sumaiya Isla

High School Student Volunteer

Job Openings

Graduate and Postdoctoral Positions

Thank you for your interest in the Croxson Lab. Unfortunately, at this time there are no positions available, but please check back in the future. If you are interested in pursuing M.Sc. or Ph.D. studies in the lab, please send an email.

News & Outreach

Awards — November 2016

Paula Croxson and Mark Baxter awarded an R21: “Chemogenetic interrogation of large-scale functional connectivity networks”

The Art of Storytelling — November 2016

Paula Croxson and Daniela Schiller host “The Art of Storytelling” at the Society for Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience Social

— Society for Neuroscience

Best Poster award at the Brain Imaging Center Annual Symposium — October 2016

Joseph Simon awarded Best Poster award at the Brain Imaging Center Annual Symposium

NARSAD Young Investigator Grants — August 2016

– Paula Croxson awarded Brain and Behavior Research Foundation NARSAD Young Investigator Grant: “Longitudinal assessment of the cognitive and molecular risk factors underlying psychosis.”

— Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Travel Award Winners — October 2016

Jamie Nagy, Sean Walsh and Christienne Damatac awarded Travel Awards to the Persistent Maladaptice Behaviors conference in Rochester, NY!

— University of Rochester Medical Center

Richard and Susan Friedman Research Scholar Award — December 2015

Paula Croxson and Gordon Xu awarded Richard and Susan Friedman Research Scholar Award for collaborative research project: ‘Exploring the functional and metabolicspinal cord.”

— The Freidman Brain Institute Spring 2016 Newsletter

Sean Walsh article publication in Journal of Neuroscience — December 2015

Sean Walsh’s article published in Journal of Neuroscience! “Very Early Brain Damage Leads to Remodeling of the Working Memory System in Adulthood: A Combined fMRI/Tractography Study.”

— Journal of Neuroscience

Story Collider “How Cold is too Cold?” — September 2016

How Cold is too Cold? Neuroscientist Paula Croxson is determined to finish her first open-water swimming race — despite the dangers.

—The Story Collider, Stories about science

Pint of Science “The Art of Perception” — March 2016

At this brain-inspired Pint of Science event, Paula Croxson will discuss how memory helps the brain interpret, and sometimes misinterpret, the signals it receives from the outside world. Other resources.

— Livamp

Story Collider Mount Sinai show “Studying the Brain” — March 2016

This special Story Collider show was hosted in partnership with the Friedman Brain Institute at Mount Sinai. From the tragic to the hilarious, it explored the deeply human side of brain research.

— The Story Collider, Stories about science

The Unexpected Benefits of Science Outreach — March 2015

An essay on one researcher’s experience telling a story at The Story Collider.

— Ben Lillie Blog by Paula Croxson, Ph.D.

Paula Croxson interviewed on CBS local — 2014

Possibility Of Erasing Bad Memories Moves Closer Toward Reality, CBS interview with Paula Croxson

— CBS Pittsburgh

Story Collider “When Your Grandmother Forgets Who You Are” — March 2013

When Paula Croxson began to study memory as a neuroscientist, she also learned a new way of thinking about her grandmother’s failing memory. Listen.

— The Story Collider, Stories about science

Selective Memory — 2012

Understanding the higher functions of our brains.

— Psychology today blog by Paula Croxson