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patrick hofOur research is directed towards the study of selective neuronal vulnerability in dementing illnesses using classical neuropathological as well as modern quantitative immunohistochemical methods. We intend to develop a quantitative, detailed and cohesive definition of neuronal susceptibility to degeneration in the cerebral cortex, by extending data on Alzheimer disease to other dementing disorders as well as animal models of age-related illnesses, and by defining the key neurochemical and morphological characteristics linked to relative vulnerability (or resistance to degeneration) of identified neuronal populations. The regional and laminar distribution in the cerebral cortex of specific neuronal populations is investigated in a variety of neurodegenerative disorders, and quantitatively compared to Alzheimer disease and control brains. In addition, a detailed study of brains from aged patients with no records of neurological and psychiatric disorders is performed in order to define further the limits of normal aging in the brain.

We employ advanced microscopy, high field magnetic resonance imaging, stereologic, and modeling approaches to develop an accurate quantitative assessment of such pathological changes in a region- and layer-specific manner. Neuronal morphology is analyzed in a quantitative manner using intracellular injection of hippocampal and neocortical neurons coupled with computerized reconstruction to assess the degree to which the accumulation of pathologic markers causes dendritic atrophy and spine loss in different subtypes of neocortical pyramidal cells subserving cortical circuits critical for memory and cognition. The characterization of such vulnerable neurons and circuits is fundamental to the design of therapeutic strategies aiming at their protection or rescue. Similar approaches are applied to the neuropathology of autism spectrum disorders, drug-resistant epilepsy, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Finally we are investigating mammalian brain evolution with a focus on cetaceans and great apes. These studies have led us to identify specific neuronal types in parts of the cerebral cortex known to be involved in social awareness, judgment, and attention that can be considered as markers of adaptive mechanisms and functions in response to particular ecological pressure.


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Hof Laboratory
Patrick R Hof, MD
Professor, Neuroscience
Professor, Ophthalmology
Professor, Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine
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Autism BrainNET

Autism BrainNet

Autism BrainNet

Autism BrainNet is a network of academic institutions for the acquisition and distribution of postmortem brain and other tissues to facilitate autism research worldwide. By providing this precious resource for research, Autism BrainNet aims to enhance the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of Autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders, and improve the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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The Human Brain Atlas

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Meet the Team

Sarah Jacot-Descombes

Post Doc

sarah jacot descombesI am an MD specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. I was a research scholar in the Hof lab in 2011, studying the pathology of the mirror neuron system in autism spectrum disorder. I returned as a postdoc with a project focusing on understanding how the deletion of the SHANK3 gene affects synaptic structure in a model of autism spectrum disorder. I am also working with the Seaver Autism Center on assessing visual evoked potentials as a method to monitor treatment in children with severe autism.

Bridget A. Wicinski

Laboratory Manager

wicinski bridgetAs lab manager, I am responsible for the daily function of the laboratory. I maintain the microscopes and computers of our quantitative microscopy stations and train students, postdocs, and staff in their proper use. I also train laboratory personnel in a variety of histologic techniques, which allows me to support the experimental work of our ongoing projects. I also catalogue and manage Dr. Hof’s extensive collection of mammalian brain specimens and prepared slides.

Merina Varghese


merina varghesePathological changes in the brain occurring in neurological and psychiatric diseases drive my research interest. My previous research has uncovered biochemical changes, specifically mitochondrial dysfunction and protein aggregation, occurring in animal and cellular models of various neurodegenerative disorders. I am currently investigating changes in neuronal structure in a rat model of Phelan-McDermid syndrome. My studies will compare dendritic and synaptic morphology in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of Shank3 rats to the wild-type using confocal and electron microscopic imaging. My goal is to contribute to understanding how deletions of the Shank3 protein affect synaptic structure and function in autism spectrum disorders.

Carmen Freire Cobo

Senior Scientist

My long term interest has always been the study of synaptic function and dysfunction in normal and pathological states. My scientific training includes multidisciplinary research approaches combining molecular biology, imaging and animal behavior to investigate how synapses undergo functional and structural changes triggered by neural activity. My current work is centered in two main projects using different primate models of human cognitive aging. We investigate the neural substrates of sex and age-related cognitive decline by combining anatomical, physiological and computational approaches, with behavioral assessment of the aging monkey. Our goal is to identify key neurochemical and morphological characteristics underlying age-related brain dysfunction that would serve on the design of therapeutic strategies to reduce cognitive decline during normal aging. 

Liam Hiester


I am an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, majoring in cell biology and neuroscience. I was a SURP student in the Hof lab during the summer of 2018 and am continuing the project throughout the year, studying dendritic spine density and morphology in the Shank3-deficient rat model of Phelan-McDermid syndrome. I am using immunohistochemistry, confocal imaging,and 3D reconstruction to visualize dendritic spines. Our study will contribute to further our understanding of dendritic function, utilizing Phelan-McDermid syndrome as a model for monogenic autism spectrum disorders.

Selena Seoyeong In

Graduate (MS) Student

II am a 2nd year Master of Biomedical Science student at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. I graduated from New York University with a major in neuroscience and a minor in psychology. I am continuing to pursue my interest in neuroanatomy and neurodegenerative diseases at the Hof lab, currently working on a collaborative project with GE Global Research and Boston University. By using machine learning-based image analysis following multiplexed immunofluorescence, I will quantitatively detect age-related neuronal changes in the aging rhesus monkey cerebral cortex and test whether curcumin protects against neuronal vulnerability as a possible preventative therapy.


Nicole Ackermans

Post doc

(She/her) I am a fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and a postdoc in the Neuroscience and Anatomy departments at Mount Sinai. My project focuses on whether combative bovids such as bighorn sheep and muskoxen sustain brain trauma. Our goal is to inspire ourselves from their unique anatomy to find solutions for traumatic brain injury in humans. I am investigating the skull and brain anatomy of these and other species using immunohistochemistry to highlight traces of brain injury for the first time. Similar processes are being applied to whales exposed to sound trauma through detection of abnormally phosphorylated tau, as well as microglia and astrocyte morphology.


Former Members

Tahia Warda

Tahia Warda

Associate Researcher II

Lizette Couto

Lizette Couto

Graduate (MS) student

Marie Kopp

Marie Kopp

Grants Coordinator

Camilla Butti

Camilla Butti

Visiting Scientist