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PTO Policy

Paid Time Off (PTO) is an innovative benefit program that combines vacation, sick and personal
time into one bank of hours giving employees greater flexibility in the use of their time off. We
recognize that taking time away from work contributes to employees’ overall health and
wellness, and therefore, encourage employees to make use of the PTO they accrue. All paid
time, is earned during the course of a year, but may be available for use before it is earned
subject to supervisor approval and departmental need. Please note: all employee requests for
PTO require department managers’ and/or supervisors’ approval prior to the time off depending
on the scheduling and operational needs of the department. Unscheduled, last minute call outs
are subject to the notice requirements of the applicable attendance responsibility policy.

The terms of this policy shall be read in a manner consistent with applicable law, and in the
event of a conflict, the applicable law shall prevail. See also HR Policy 3.25 regarding the New
York State Paid Sick Leave Law and NYC Earned Safe and Sick Time Act (ESSTA)

NOTE: paid holidays, condolence days, marriage days, jury duty days, and military days shall
continue to be administered in accordance with existing policies and are not incorporated into
the PTO Program.

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Termination Sign-out Policy

It is the policy of the Mount Sinai Health System that all employees terminating employment
complete the sign out process on the last day of their employment with their manager, supervisor
or department head (the “manager”). This process ensures that: Health System property is returned;
the employee receives information pertaining to benefits in a timely manner; the employee
provides contact information; the employee is provided an opportunity for an exit interview; and
the release of terminal pay is authorized.

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PI-Exit Checklist

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Jury Duty

Please go to website:

Click on –

  1. Human Resources Policy Manual
  2. Human Resources
  3. Jury Duty Days for policy

Please read policy and make sure to report each day to Charles if you must attend jury duty.  Any days you are not required to go to court, you must come to work. Sinai will pay up to 10 days for jury duty.  Please make sure to provide us with letter of days you were at Jury Duty once you have served.

Weekly Timesheets

Please submit your time sheet every Friday to, but no later than 11 am the following Monday. If you are here Monday thru Friday regular hours, please enter total hours as 37.5 hrs.

When you are out for a HOLIDAY, indicate so on correct date. If you work on a holiday, you will automatically be paid the holiday extra day in the future. If a holiday falls within your first 30 days, holiday pay will be paid out after 12 months from your start date.
When you are “out” on PTO, whether it is sick or vacation days, indicate so on the corresponding date. You earn 19 PTO days each year and can carry over 5 days.

You must take a lunch break for one hour when you have worked 6 hours or more for that day.

If you have any questions, please contact or 212-659-5993.
If you do not to submit your time sheet in a timely manner, your time and pay will be processed the following week.

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