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Best Practices for Preventing and Responding to Zoom Attacks

 All members of the Mount Sinai Community are invited to a two-part workshop series.

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Career Counseling

For career counseling and connections to new opportunities for PhD graduates please contact Edward Outstatcher, GSBS’ Career Services Manager.

Committee on Professionalism in Healthcare (COPHE).

The Committee on Professionalism in Healthcare (COPHE) was launched in July 2021 to promote professionalism across Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai collaborates with the Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to implement this program.

The COPHE program uses a data-driven approach to provide feedback on unprofessional behaviors by faculty, trainees and students.  This program fosters a healthy and inclusive research environment where all staff, trainees and students feel comfortable speaking up because they know that their concerns are heard and acted upon. All members of the Mount Sinai community are encouraged to report unprofessional behaviors. Reports can be made confidentially by someone experiencing mistreatment, or by a witness of mistreatment to someone else, via one of the portals below:

Employment Verification
FALL 2023: Neuroscience MTA Rotation Projects

Neuroscience MTA Rotation Projects: FALL 2023

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How to be a Mentee

PhD in Neuroscience

Successful graduate training benefits from committed mentors and motivated students

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How to Pick a Mentor

PhD in Neuroscience

A guide for young scientists on how to select a graduate advisor or postdoctoral advisor

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Know Your Rights

The Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) is making available online New York State and federal workplace postings informing you of your legal rights in the workplace. Now, in addition to seeing these messages posted at MSHS locations, you can find them on our Careers website and on the MSHS intranet. 

The overall purpose of these posters is to raise your awareness and keep you updated about your rights as an employee.

You can find these postings where you work and here:

Microsoft Office Software

If you are using your personal computer and you need Microsoft Office, you can download it for free using your Mount Sinai email address.

Mount Sinai Lactation Services

PhD in Neuroscience

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) and the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) are committed to supporting our faculty, staff, and students as they balance family, education, and career priorities and obligations.

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How to update your Mount Sinai profile page

User Manual

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MSHS Portal
Neuroscience Advanced Electives

Current Advanced Neuroscience Courses

(there are many other relevant courses offered by other training areas that may also be of interest–see the full course catalogue)

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Neuroscience Resources

Our facilities are staffed by experts who provide research services, as well as instruction and training. By taking advantage of our growing body of resources, our scientists are able to develop more effective diagnostic tests and treatments for brain and spinal cord disorders.

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Overview of Program Curriculum and Milestones

PhD in Neuroscience

A welcome letter to help you familiarize yourself with the program and what to expect as you start your graduate training

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Preferred Name

Preferred Name


Physicians, faculty, researchers, students, and postdoctoral fellows have the ability to enter a preferred name which will display on their public profiles on the and websites.

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Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors

MSSM’s approved vendor list

Lab supplies: VWR, Fisher
Computers: Apple, Dell, CDW

Dell Representative: Andrew Allen (

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Promoting your Dissertation Defense

Submit your information here. (

The FBI will promote, via email and on the FBI’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Rotation Guidelines

PhD in Neuroscience

A “match” between student and lab is defined as an offer from the PI for the student to join the lab

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Section 11 NRSA Program Description

PhD in Neuroscience
Mount Sinai’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences was established in 1968 and bestows a Ph.D in Neuroscience

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Sinai Cloud Intranet site

We encourage you to visit regularly and bookmark the Sinai Cloud intranet site. Please be sure to check for information and updates as well as quick reference guides (QRGs) that will be available soon along with links to training and other resources before and after the March 26 go-live date.

Students & Their Advisor

PhD in Neuroscience

The positive mentoring relationship between the pre-doctoral student and their advisor

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Travel and Meals Expense Policy

Please read Travel and Meals Expense Policy and information below.  This applies to all traveling on official business (non-local travel only).

The current Mount Sinai Travel and Meal Policy can be found attached/here: travelpolicy.pdf (

Additional information for travel:

Mount Sinai Travel Management Program:

Travel Request/Travel Voucher:

Travel Requests and Vouchers are used for employees who must travel on official business (non-local travel only).


  1. Traveler (or a Requester on behalf of the Traveler) submits a travel request
  2. Request is approved by any or all of the following: · Fund Owner (depending upon fund policies) · Department (depending upon departmental policies) · Dean’s Office (for foreign travel) · Finance (depending upon policies)

Once the Travel Request is approved, Finance Department issues checks for any prepayments and advances – students, residents and fellows are allowed an advance while processing a travel request, option is available there.  If the Traveler is submitting the Travel Request only to be covered by Mount Sinai’s travel insurance, the request goes through the approvals and no subsequent voucher is necessary.


  1. The Requester submits the voucher to Finance. All receipts should be saved in pdf format and attached to the voucher for reimbursement, not travel request.  Meal receipts up to the listed per diem below, do not require a receipt:

Neuroscience Department Policy Per Diem:

Trainees/non-faculty – $50

Instructors – $50

Research Faculty – $70

Faculty – $70

Once approved, an Employee Reimbursement will be generated instead of a check request. 

Please note, disregard below comment at top of travel voucher, since we upload all attachments as a PDF now, this is not necessary.  Payment will be processed once fully reviewed/approved by all required.

Attention Requester – Please Print this Voucher and send it to Accounts Payable at Box 1662 with attached documentation.

Axiom For all Business

Travel arrangements prior to travel, please visit the Mount Sinai Business Travel website, Axiom:

For help booking online and/or questions please contact: Glenda Sandoval

Axiom Program Administrator

Tel: 646-605-4066

What to Register For

PhD in Neuroscience

As a new student in the doctoral program, know what to register for in the Fall and Spring

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Zero-tolerance Policy

PhD in Neuroscience

The Friedman Brain Institute’s Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

The Friedman Brain Institute has instituted a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any sort. We encourage people of all genders and ranks to notify the leadership of any misconduct. Knowing that this may be difficult for some, this form is anonymous. If you wish to receive a response to any of your comments, please send us your name and email address.

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