Postdoc Resources

American Express Business Travel – aXiom

(Sinai approved travel agency)

As part of an effort to optimize our business travel processes, we have entered into an
agreement with American Express Business Travel to utilize their online booking tool
offered through aXiom.

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Best Practices for Preventing and Responding to Zoom Attacks

 All members of the Mount Sinai Community are invited to a two-part workshop series.

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Committee on Professionalism in Healthcare (COPHE).

The Committee on Professionalism in Healthcare (COPHE) was launched in July 2021 to promote professionalism across Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai collaborates with the Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to implement this program.

The COPHE program uses a data-driven approach to provide feedback on unprofessional behaviors by faculty, trainees and students.  This program fosters a healthy and inclusive research environment where all staff, trainees and students feel comfortable speaking up because they know that their concerns are heard and acted upon. All members of the Mount Sinai community are encouraged to report unprofessional behaviors. Reports can be made confidentially by someone experiencing mistreatment, or by a witness of mistreatment to someone else, via one of the portals below:

Anbg 19-79 Conference Room Guide

Department of Pharmacological Sciences

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Department PI – Staff Responsibilities


PI and Staff ResponsibilitiesPre/Post Grants,Financial Administration, Human Resources and International Personnel

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Employee Verification Letters

Employee paid by Mount Sinai Hospital, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Queens & Affiliates (QHC & EHC):

All Employment Verification Letters are accessible through Sinai Cloud.

The instructions:

Note: For faculty and staff on visas, this letter cannot be used as a substitute for a consular package when applying for a visa at the US consulate/embassy abroad or to gain an immigration benefit which requires employer sponsorship. Please reach out to International Personnel at (212) 241-8300 if you require a consular package at least one month in advance

Environmental Health & Safety

The Department of Neuroscience is mandated by institutional (EnHS) and external governmental agencies (OSHA, NYFD, EPA, etc.) to ensure the training, understanding, and safety of laboratory personnel by using regulatory compliance guidelines for the handling, shipping and disposal of all chemicals, biological and radioactive materials.

Lab Safety Program:

New Lab Setup:

Lab Safety Manual:

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The Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Finance is the administrative office that oversees and provides core support and guidance to school personnel for many financial operations and business practices. This includes assistance with budgets, payroll, research grant fiscal stewardship, asset management, and travel reimbursement.

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The Friedman Brain Institute Postdocs

Meet the Friedman Brain Institute postdocs, who are committed to understanding the nervous system at the molecular, cellular, systems, and behavioral levels, under both normal and pathological conditions, and to striving toward improved treatments for brain and nervous system disorders.

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Grant Application Resource Center


Getting Started:

For investigators new to research, starting at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, or embarking on a fresh project, this section provides answers, resources, and guidance to support you. Learn about starting your research, finding funding, submitting and managing grants and sponsored projects, obtaining necessary approvals, commercializing discoveries, and accessing required training.
Research Roadmap
The Research Roadmap is a central hub for navigation of the Mount Sinai Health System research enterprise.
Research Listserv
To receive important Icahn School of Medicine news and information targeted to researchers and their staff join the research administration email messaging system, the Research Listserv. Read more.

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Guide for New Postdocs-Benefits, Absences, etc.

Welcome to Mount Sinai School of Medicine!

Policies and Procedures: A handbook in getting started and getting settled during your early days at Mount Sinai.

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Vacation and time off policies:

Full-time paid faculty as well as part-time faculty paid for at least eight hours of work per week (.2 Full-Time Equivalent) are eligible for vacation and other types of days off with pay. Learn more about Vacation & Time Off Policies

How to update your Mount Sinai profile page

EDIR Training for Postdocs

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Instructions for Self-Service Password Reset

Reset your password through Microsoft’s Azure self-service password reset platform. In order to use this platform, employees must register their password reset security questions. Once registered, note that the new link for password reset is For step-by-step instructions on how to reset your password, click here

Levy Library

Academic Informatics and Technology

The Levy Library supports the education, research, and clinical information needs of the Mount Sinai Medical Center. The recently renovated library is an inviting environment designed to facilitate research, study, and collaboration. It provides an extensive collection of biomedical databases, e-journals, e-books, and print resources, and is home to the Mount Sinai Archives and the Records Management program of The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

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Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications
Please note: This site can only be accessed via VPN or when on campus.

Check here for resources for submitting a Grant/Award or Related News item to the Marketing and Communications Department.

To share news and events about your lab with the Department of Neuroscience and The Friedman Brain Institute, please email

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Microsoft Office

Go to:

Log in using your school email address and/or hospital email address and password then  click on “Install Office

Microscopy Shared Resource Facility

Microscopy CoRE

The Microscopy SRF provides equipment, instruction and expertise for the microscopic examination of cells.

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Mount Sinai Intranet

Under Health System Links you’ll find so much useful information but let me point you to Human Resources where you will find the following important topics among others:

1. Fast Resources
2. Benefits
3. Compensation
4. Employee Health Services
5. International Personnel
6. Recreation Office
7. Talent Development & Learning
8. Labor Relations
9. Performance Appraisals
10. HR Policies (policies about attendance, PTO, jury duty, condolence days, parental days, holidays, tuition reimbursement, etc.)
11. Forms & Publications (Health forms, Flexible Spending forms, etc)
12. Useful Numbers & Websites

*Please note: If you are off campus, you must have VPN access to use the intranet.

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MSHS Portal
Mount Sinai Lactation Services

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) and the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) are committed to supporting our faculty, staff, and students as they balance family, education, and career priorities and obligations.

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New Ideate Users

Instructions for adding a person to animal protocols

Ideate now has a self-service component which will allow the user to create their own account.

The person who needs the account created must go to and enter their Mount Sinai Log in Credentials, (Network user ID and Network password that you use to access Mount Sinai Email account or Sinai Central)

NOTE: If a person who needs the account does not have access to ideate from external he/she will have to request VPNTunnel Access via Sailpoint and follow the remaining steps to be properly configured for VPN access.

More information (All three steps to follow can be found here)
Once this is done the user can complete the Ideate Initial Profile Setup. All Fields are required before access is granted.
For complete instructions, please click on the link below login page – Ideate User Account Creation.
New eIACUC Users

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New Hire Checklist and Instructions


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Neuroscience & EH&S Annual Meeting

September 2018

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Neuroscience Resources

Our facilities are staffed by experts who provide research services, as well as instruction and training. By taking advantage of our growing body of resources, our scientists are able to develop more effective diagnostic tests and treatments for brain and spinal cord disorders.

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Neuroscience Postdoc Association

The Neuroscience Postdoctoral Association was founded in 2019 with the goal of enhancing the personal and professional experiences of postdoctoral fellows in the Friedman Brain Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. We host a variety of events ranging from social events to professional development discussions and welcome the participation of all Neuroscience postdocs.

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Neuroscience Postdocs

Meet the Nash Family Department of Neuroscience postdocs, who are committed to understanding the nervous system at the molecular, cellular, systems, and behavioral levels, under both normal and pathological conditions, and to striving toward improved treatments for brain and nervous system disorders.

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Planned Absence Form and Instructions


Instructions on how to submit a time off request in SinaiCloud can be found here:

PDF of instructions

PI Fund Admin Assignments


PI Fund Admin Assignments

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Phone System Info for Using Equipment and for Setting Up VM
PlumX New Users – How to embed a PlumX widget in SinaiCentral

Entering Your PlumX ID into your eDirectory Profile

The Levy Library has arranged for all Mount Sinai faculty to get PlumX accounts (with individual PlumX IDs), which enables PlumX to collect and aggregate a researcher’s publications, citations, news clips, etc.

In order to take advantage of this system you need to know your PlumX ID. PlumX IDs are usually comprised of your first and middle initials and your last name. For example: dscharney.

Some faculty will already have a PlumX ID generated by the Levy Library’s Plum team and entered into their eDirectory profiles. Those faculty won’t have to do anything further. But everyone can determine if they already have a PlumX ID by looking themselves up on Mount Sinai’s PlumX webpage.

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Preferred Name

Preferred Name


Physicians, faculty, researchers, students, and postdoctoral fellows have the ability to enter a preferred name which will display on their public profiles on the and websites.

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Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors

MSSM’s approved vendor list

Lab supplies: VWR, Fisher
Computers: Apple, Dell, CDW

Dell Representative: Andrew Allen (

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Quick list of important phone numbers


Quick list of important phone numbers

Department Chairman:
Paul Kenny – Ext. 58970

Director, The Friedman Brain Institute:
Eric Nestler – Ext. 85656

Administrative Office:
Ext. 85993

Jaime Rodriguez:
Ext. 85982

Digital Media Center:
Veronica Szarejko – Ext. 85962

Digital Media Center

Important Phone Numbers

Academic Computing: (212) 241-7091

Sinai 1

Research Informatics Services

Research Roadmap:
Central Hub for Navigation of the Mount Sinai Health System Research Enterprise

Digital Commons: Searchable index of all human subject research data sets at ISMSMS

Digital Concierge:

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Request for Leave of Absence

Request for Leave of Absence (LOA) (Watch video)

Sinai Cloud Intranet site

We encourage you to visit regularly and bookmark the Sinai Cloud intranet site. Please be sure to check for information and updates as well as quick reference guides (QRGs) that will be available soon along with links to training and other resources before and after the March 26 go-live date.

Software Products


The Academic IT Support Center distributes site-licensed software for use on Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) workstations and laptop computers. Licenses are available for a variety of products from Microsoft, Adobe, MathWorks, SAS, and SPSS. Fill out the below appropriate request form to obtain software. For questions about Software, please contact ASCIT at

Personal Software Purchases

ISMMS faculty, staff, and students can purchase selected Microsoft and Adobe products at a discounted price through the JourneyEd Software web site after registering with a valid Icahn School of Medicine email address. Visit the Purchasing Requirements page for details.

JourneyEd’s prices are listed below.

Contact Marcy Rodriguez <> for a price quote. Once you receive the price quote, process a PO through Sinai Central and send the PO number and PDF of the PO to Marcy.

  • Microsoft Office 2019 – licenses are perpetual – $63.59 per license
  • All Adobe products are annual subscription pricing. I am providing the 12 month price below, however, licenses are pro-rated at the time of purchase to the 4/15 anniversary date.
    • Adobe Creative Cloud (includes Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat)- $255
    • Adobe Illustrator $111
    • Adobe Photoshop $111
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC $122

Student and personal purchases of SPSS can be made at the eStore after registering with an ISMMS email address.

If you have any questions, please contact Veronica Szarejko at

NOTE: Software can only be charged to grants if it’s project specific.  Labs will have to use unrestricted accounts, such as seed, etc.. (Generally, software is part of the indirect costs.  However, if it is for the performance of a specific project, it can be charged as direct cost to that grant.)

Supportive Climate: Report Misconduct


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Termination Sign-out Policy

It is the policy of the Mount Sinai Health System that all employees terminating employment
complete the sign out process on the last day of their employment with their manager, supervisor
or department head (the “manager”). This process ensures that: Health System property is returned;
the employee receives information pertaining to benefits in a timely manner; the employee
provides contact information; the employee is provided an opportunity for an exit interview; and
the release of terminal pay is authorized.

For information, please click on the link.

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Telecommunications provides phone, cellular, conference calling and pager services to the MSHS community.

Time Away Form

Please click on the link below.

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Travel Policy

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Travel and Meals Expense Policy

The current Mount Sinai Travel and Meal Policy can be found attached/here: travelpolicy.pdf (


  1. Traveler (or a Requester on behalf of the Traveler) submits a TRAVEL REQUEST.
  2. Travel requests must be submitted before travel takes place if it is 75 miles away from the campus.
  3. Request is approved by any or all of the following: · Fund Owner (depending upon fund policies) · Department (depending upon departmental policies) · Dean’s Office (for foreign travel) · Finance (depending upon policies)
  4. Once the Travel Request is approved, Finance Department issues checks for any prepayments and advances – students, residents and fellows are allowed an advance while processing a travel request, option is available there.  If the Traveler is submitting the Travel Request only to be covered by Mount Sinai’s travel insurance, the request goes through the approvals and no subsequent voucher is necessary.


  1. The Requester submits a TRAVEL VOUCHER to Finance.
  2. RECEIPTS: All receipts should be saved in a single pdf file and attached to the voucher for reimbursement, not travel request. Meal receipts up to the listed per diem below, do not require a receipt:

Neuroscience Department Policy Per Diem:

Faculty – $70

Research Faculty and Instructors – $50

Trainees/non-faculty – $50

Once travel voucher is approved, an Employee Reimbursement will be generated instead of a check request. 

Additional Information and FAQs can be found HERE

Zero-tolerance Policy

The Friedman Brain Institute’s Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

The Friedman Brain Institute has instituted a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any sort. We encourage people of all genders and ranks to notify the leadership of any misconduct. Knowing that this may be difficult for some, this form is anonymous. If you wish to receive a response to any of your comments, please send us your name and email address.

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