Consulting Policy with Outside Entities (See Section E in Faculty Handbook/Full-Time Faculty)
Any work the faculty member does in a consulting capacity must be set forth in a written agreement. The agreement should be sent to Sandra Londono and Jenny Rivera for review. All outside activities must be approved by the Department Chair and the Dean reviews the final agreement and signs an Attestation Form the faculty completes for their activity. Any compensation for the activity must be paid directly to the faculty member and not to Mount Sinai.

How to update your Mount Sinai profile page (PDF)
Department Directory (PDF)
Department Directory Hess (PDF)
Phone System Info for Using Equipment and for Setting Up VM (PDF)

Quick list of important phone numbers

Department Chairman: Paul Kenny – ext. 89189
Director, The Friedman Brain Institute: Eric Nestler – ext. 85656
Administrative Office: ext. 85993
Digital Media Center: Veronica Szarejko – ext. 85962
Jaime Rodriguez – ext. 85982

Department PI – Staff Responsibilities (PDF)

Environmental Health & Safety
The Department of Neuroscience is mandated by institutional (EnHS) and external governmental agencies (OSHA, NYFD, EPA, etc.) to ensure the training, understanding, and safety of laboratory personnel by using regulatory compliance guidelines for the handling, shipping and disposal of all chemicals, biological and radioactive materials.

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Finance is the administrative office that oversees and provides core support and guidance to school personnel for many financial operations and business practices. This includes assistance with budgets, payroll, research grant fiscal stewardship, asset management, and travel reimbursement.

Grant Application Resource Center
The Grant Application Resource Center (GARC) provides Mount Sinai investigators with information and tools to facilitate their preparation of grant applications and protocols. This is a dynamic website that will be updated frequently as new information becomes available and new needs arise.

Sample R01 Applications and Summary Statements

Guide for New Faculty (PDF)
A handbook in getting started and getting settled during your early days at Mount Sinai.

Levy Library

The Levy Library supports the education, research, and clinical information needs of the Mount Sinai Medical Center. The recently renovated library is an inviting environment designed to facilitate research, study, and collaboration. It provides an extensive collection of biomedical databases, e-journals, e-books, and print resources, and is home to the Mount Sinai Archives and the Records Management program of The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Microscopy Shared Resource Facility

The Microscopy SRF provides equipment, instruction and expertise for the microscopic examination of cells.

Mount Sinai Intranet
The goal of the Mount Sinai Intranet is to provide a web-based platform by which all members of the Organization can easily access information relative to the Mount Sinai as well as individual campus Intranets. The architecture of this web site is derived from the Mount Sinai structure in that the content relative to each entity is presented in a uniform and easy to access manner. Additionally, this approach suggests that each entity in the Organization can retain its own identity and autonomy.

By design, our Intranet is accessible only from within The Mount Sinai Hospital and selected campuses of the organization, or from sources that have appropriate security access (e.g. Onsite Health). It can therefore lend itself to provide internal Information that is not meant for public consumption (e.g. the Internet).

These are some of the items that can be found on the intranet:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Benefits
  3. Immigration
  4. Recruitment Process
  5. Labor Relations
  6. Recreation Office
  7. Forms & Publications (Health forms, Flexible Spending forms, etc)
  8. HR Policy Manual

Planned Absence Form (PDF)
Please submit this form before each trip that will take you off campus for a day or more to your Fund Admin.

Preferred Vendors:
MSSM’s approved vendor list
Lab supplies: VWR, Fisher

Computers: Apple, Dell, CDW

Software Products
Software products are available through the Levy Library or through the Digital Media Center. Please contact Veronica Szarejko at for more information. Please note that software product purchases are not allowed on grants.

Travel Policy

Time Away Reporting
Please submit this form before each trip that will take you off campus for a day or more to your Fund Admin.

American Express Business Travel – aXiom (Sinai approved travel agency)