Varghese Lab

Laboratory of Spatial Neurobiology


Our goal is to quantify protein and metabolic changes within their spatial, cellular, and subcellular context in the brain to discover their role in neurodegenerative diseases and aging.

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Our research seeks to reveal how the molecular and morphological features defining types, states, and microenvironment of cells drive regional vulnerability of neurons to neuropsychiatric diseases and aging, by combining deep expertise in disease biology with novel tools for spatial imaging of metabolites and proteins to discover potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Specific brain regions and neuronal subpopulations are uniquely vulnerable to pathological changes during aging and the progression of neuropsychiatric diseases. We will use spatial proteomic and metabolic profiling to uncover contributors to regional vulnerability at the tissue level. Moreover, we will identify the molecular and morphological phenotypes of cells in the microenvironment of vulnerable neurons to distinguish cellular and subcellular phenomena underlying selective vulnerability or resilience. The molecular and cellular contributors to neuronal vulnerability generated from our studies will provide a roadmap for discovery of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in neuropsychiatric diseases.

We use immunohistochemical staining, microscopy, and image analysis using computational tools that encompass 3D reconstruction and stereological principles.

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Our unique approach brings together multiple, novel imaging tools to help fill knowledge gaps on the spatial differences in proteins and metabolites and the cellular microenvironment contributing to neuronal and regional vulnerability. We will detect differential metabolite and protein levels using mass spectrometry imaging to unveil the spatial correlates of vulnerability at the tissue level. We will quantify molecular and morphological phenotypes of non-neuronal cell types in the microenvironment of vulnerable neurons using multiplexed immunofluorescence imaging to add cellular context. Integrating the molecular and cellular profiles covarying at the tissue and cellular levels will reveal patterns spatially segregating with neuronal vulnerability.



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Nicole Ackermans (Assistant Professor, University of Alabama)
Benjamin Tournier (Biologist, University Hospitals of Geneva)
Sarah Dunand (Pedopsychiatry Expert, University Hospitals and School of Medicine, Geneva)

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Selena Seoyeong In (Clinical Research Coordinator, Columbia University)

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Maja D. Łazarczyk (Medical Student, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Roozie JoJo Coenen (Associate Researcher, ISMMS)
Ksenia Orekhova (Ph.D., University of Padova, Italy)

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Ava Pellagrini (B.S. student, Brown University)
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Tannishtha Sethi (Pre-med student, University of Michigan)
Sophia Raia (M.D. candidate, St. George’s University School of Medicine, New York)
Matthew Fam (Robotic Process Automation Developer/ Business Analyst, Merck)
Samantha Kritzer (Pre-med student, Brown University)
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Daniel R. Dickstein (Radiation Oncology resident, ISMMS)
Stephanie Kendler (Business Analyst, Deloitte)

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